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music created by any of the twenty million supposed 'heavy metal' bands whose songwriting theory extends no farther than shameless commmercialism, or whether or not thirteen year old girls will like it.
"nickelback isn't metal you retard, it's heavy pop."

"i'm really sick of all the cloned heavy pop bands that just keep turning out garbage in the hopes it will sell."
by carltonfunkbass July 11, 2009

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the quality of being near something.
"hey yer takin off?"

"yeh, i'm beat."

"k see you later."

"a'ight, i'll be vicinitudinous'
by carltonfunkbass May 06, 2009

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(n.) - the quality of being heinous.
"your heinissitude is heinouser than the heinousness of all other heinouses."

"your heinissitude is showing."
by carltonfunkbass May 08, 2009

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An acronym for Excessive Taint Scrubbing.
man 1: "hey, have you heard Fear the Awakening's new song 'the Totally Unnecessary Bath and the Excessive Taint Scrubbing'?"

man2: "yeh, that's funny, i gave your mother an ETS last night."

man 1: "dink."
by carltonfunkbass March 03, 2010

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