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2 definitions by carguychris

Common slang term for a snubnose revolver, a small handgun with a short barrel, generally 2" (50mm) or shorter. Such revolvers are so small that they can be concealed where most other handguns cannot, such as in an ankle holster or a pants pocket.
I carry my snubby in the summer when I can't conceal my L-frame under my jacket.

If I lose my 1911 in a fight, I've still got a snubby in an ankle holster for backup.
by carguychris January 23, 2008
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Common name of the Fairchild-Republic A-10 ground attack airplane. Almost univerally used within the U.S. Air Force and other aviation circles in place of the airplane's official given name, the Thunderbolt II.

The name refers to the airplane's awkward appearance, its incredible toughness, its slow speed compared to USAF fighter planes, and the fact that it "hugs the ground" while performing its primary mission of close-range, low-altitude ground attack.
Wow! Did you see that Warthog blast the hell out of those tanks?!?
by carguychris August 11, 2006
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