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N. Any electronic device which continues to use ridiculous amounts of electricity even when turned off. Often results in unusually high electric bills.
Electric Bill Recipient: "Holy crap! Look at this unusually high electricity bill!"

Significant Other: "Yeah, it's those stupid vampire electronics."

---Even when turned off, the average computer uses about 65 watts of electricity; the colon on a microwave's display uses about 3 watts.---
by captainduncan December 11, 2006
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In much the same way that "awesomesauce" modifies "awesome," epicsauce is the proper modifier to use when "awesomesauce" just isn't enough. It is epic to the power of ten.
-I just saw the Cloverfield monster and Godzilla duke it out!

by captainduncan September 09, 2008
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N. In the same category as the awkward turtle, awkward flag, and awkward moose, the awkward beached whale is the act of placing one's palms face-down on-top-of each other, such that the thumbs stick out to either side. The individual then proceeds to alternately wiggle the thumbs. For maximum awkwardness, proceed to make sounds similar to that of the blue whale.

V. To do as described above.
Person 1: "Wow, I feel awkward."

Multiple People: "Hmm, not us. I guess it's just you."

Person 1: *Does awkward beached whale hand motions*


*Feels exceedingly less awkward*

Multiple People: "Wow, we feel awkward now."
by captainduncan December 11, 2006
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