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A word made up by the band Australian band '5 Seconds of Summer'.

Leisuring is used when one of the Members, Luke Hemmings, is lying around (generally in comfortable, abnormal or slightly sexual positions) leisuring is now a common phrase used by the 5sosfam
Luke: *lying on couch*
Calum: Oh looks like we've caught Luke in his Leisure time.
Luke: I'm just Leisuring out.

5sos fan: *lies on couch with feet in air*
Person: What are you doing?
5sos fan: oh, you know, just leisuring
by Can't Think Of A Name November 15, 2013

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To walk in a slow and carefree manner, not really concerned with how long it takes to arrive at one's destination.
Let's go for a donder to the shops.
by can't think of a name November 07, 2006

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