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Orangeville District Secondary School
Some people call it overdose.
we call it legendary.

but were all entitled to our own opinions.

Located in Orangville ON.CA this highscool is popular for its "fight club" which no longer exsits...

Skids chill at the side of the school and they think there cool. but really there just a bunch of confused little gypsy's.

at the front of the school theres the smokers area where children go and smoke occasioannly beig harrassed and ticketed by the police. Can't we all just get along ? NO fuck that, we definetly can't. FUCK THE POLICE. (jks) :D

Then theres the obvious large amount of drugs in odss explaing its nickname. People go to smoke weed in the gypsy forest after school hours. During lunch hours at "the box" and popper alley along with some other places cant be identified past those abbrevations because then they would be booked:D

odss has a population of around 1000 students. Most of them are white except for the few black kids so dont say nigger cause you never know... one of us could be standing by a chalk board invisible to your eyes. G is legend at O.D, DDA made an epic appearence.

Pretty much it though.. We invented the popper bottle cause were straight g's all day every day... And then theres the fact that were to poor to afford glass bongs so we stick metal tubes in plastic bottles.... And sometimes, but rarely we cant afford plastic bottles so we use pop cans..
example 1: ~Person 1: shutup skid go die in a whole!
Skid: Fine dad I will , why do you hate me!? *cuts wrists*

example 2: ~Needy crackhead at o.d.s.s: Yo you got a p smoke?

Example 3:~Stoner: FUCK I FORGOT THE BONG,
Stoners Pal: i have a water bottle,
Stoners pal's friend: I have a small glass cylindric tube. Don't ask.
All stoners: yay us!
by cARTunekid May 22, 2009

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