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Poodoo basically started out as meaning "extremely poor" or "an extremely poor person". Over the years, it has evolved to "no class", "ghetto", "dumb", "hated it" ..just all around bunk. Anything with a negative connotation can be poodoo.

A really poor family with the name "Poodoo" or "Pudu" lived in Kaplan, Louisiana and they were so poodoo that their name just stuck.

The road that the family lived on is still called Poodoo Road by local residents. Its official name, however, is Merchant Road -- named after a not-so-poodoo family, the Merchant's of Kaplan.
"Why is she dating him? He's so poodoo."
"Does this shirt look poodoo?"
"Our new library has poodoo orange carpets"
"My hair looks poodoo"
"Leaving your Christmas lights up till July is pretty poodoo."
"If your car window gets smashed and you use duct tape and a trash bag to fix it, you are poodoo."
by c-dogg lemaire January 26, 2005

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1. The Cajun word for pubic hair. Originates with the Parisian French term "poil" which means course body hair.
2. A unit of measure, roughly equivalent to the length of an unshaven pubic hair.
1. My pwell started itching bad after I left the strip club. You think I got da crabs?

2. The pool table ain't centered; you gotta move it two pwells to da left.
by c-dogg lemaire June 21, 2008

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1. Fellatio, cunnilingus or intercourse
"Going back to her van and I wanna do rudies
But she’s a lady so I just kiss on her boobies"
-- Nizlopi ("Glastonbury")
by c-dogg lemaire March 06, 2008

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