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The sadness one feels after a breakup. Usually felt by but not limited to one of the partners (often the partner who has been broken up with). Characterized by crying; blaming oneself; feeling rejected; either losing one's appetite or eating everything in sight; shooting angry glances at happy couples; and cursing at anything related to love including movies, pictures, quotes, and wall posts.

Although these are typically unisex characteristics of the breakup blues, there are some gender-specific characteristics, including eating lots of chocolate (female), refusing to leave the house (female), comments about becoming a cat lady and/or never finding love again (female), listening to lots of Taylor Swift (female), and drinking alone (male). Males function normally when sad.
Girl 1: "Do you think Taylor Swift listens to her own songs after a breakup?"

Girl 2: "Probably. I heard that after Joe Jonas broke up with her, she didn't wash her hair for a week and bought a kitten as well as a sweater with cats on it."

Girl 1: "Poor thing. She had the breakup blues. When my roommate and her boyfriend broke up, she cried in her car every morning and yelled at a Jason Mraz song."
by c&o December 23, 2012
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When two bros constantly text and let everyone know about their bromance over social media, but never hang out. Tends to intensify when these bros break up with their girlfriends and the friend group dissolves, or when both bros get new girlfriends and thus have no time for extracurricular activities.
Guy 1: "Man, Drake and Lil Wayne are solid bros."

Guy 2: "Yeah, that's why they stay single. If they had girlfriends, you know what would happen..."

Guy 1: "Long distance brolationship. Bro, I hope that never happens to us."

*man hug*
by c&o December 23, 2012
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