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1)A female, (usually older,) that is of or married into a royal line and given political control of a country and/or the right to use a funny wave; the better half of a king.

2)A band, (see any of the several definitions surrounding this one).

3)When a woman sits on a man's face.

4)Really really really flamboyant, (and possibly irritating,) man. Almost always gay.
1)"Hey look, it's the queen..."

2)"Queen is my favourite band."

3)"Do you wanna queen me?"

4)"You're such a queen, chill out."
by bushsalad July 23, 2006

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1.(n.)One who cockteases.

2.(v.)To purposely become enticing to a male to the point of giving him a hardon, or in most cruel cases, blue balls, with no intention of follow through; to lead a man on.
1."Man, she's such a cocktease."

2."Dude, this girl totally cockteased me just now. I had to pour ice down my pants."
by bushsalad July 22, 2006

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