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Some person I found on my fyp complaining about how the fact that 💫 aren’t on Urban Dictionary is homophobia. They go by void/space/they/he/💫/🗝 pronouns. Void is a demigirl lesbian and does not want people who are 17+ interacting with void(s?) account. He watched markipliers play-through of House and it is now his comfort game. He had a dream where Jack Walten was his dad. Their (real) dad called them a “sussy baka” 3 times 4 days ago on July 17th, 2021. They had to dump out milk they drank the night before, and apparently it was chunky, giant, slimy, and there were squishy chunks of milk. I have never interacted with this person before except for the video previously mentioned at the beginning. Please upload this Urban-Dictionary I have spent so long on this. Help.
“starchasmnyxsclaws is very cool.”
so true
by bronannasplit July 21, 2021
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