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An alternate name to the popular social networking site Facebook which was "created" by the egotistical Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook today has over 700 million users mostly due to the fact that it has been freely advertised on every news program, television/reality show, website, and consumer product. This has inflated Mark Zuckerberg's ego even more than humanly possible and caused some people to believe that he is the Second Coming of Bill Gates.

Sometimes pronounced "suck" book.
I'll friend you on Facebook.

nah dude, I fuckin' hate Zuckbook! I can't trust that fucker with my information and I hate having to friend all those douches from high school... find me on Google+ bitch!
by brentm July 13, 2011

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acronym for High Altitude Mega Fart. They can occur when living in or visiting high elevations. Known to happen during ski trips and hiking trips in the mountains and also on-board airplanes. Believed to be caused by the large difference in pressure between your insides and the low pressure of high altitudes thus causing a larger and more violent expulsion of gas through the anus than would occur at sea levels.
I need to get back home to sea level 'cause these HAMFs in Colorado are tearing a hole in my underwear.
by brentm July 29, 2009

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short for "audi 5000"
I'm audi5k! peace out!
by brentm August 19, 2006

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