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an equivalent of dope, awesome, delicious. Usually used for food, a dish can be "slappin" like it's so good that if someone disputes its awesome godliness they are in for a slappin.
Can also be used in the form of a verb to describe something's slappy awesomeness.
Yo you should head down to Dave's food truck, the pulled pork is slappin

I love eating at that Hawaiian terryaki place, everything on the menu slaps
by bossman773 April 23, 2015

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its an acronym used in texting. it stands for "text me the fuck back!" it can be used if someone hasn't responded to one of your texts in a long time.
"dude jake hasn't responded to my text and its been four hours"
"just send him another text saying TMTFB!"

*texting conversation*
Katie "Hey whatsup"
John=no response
Katie "TMTFB!"
by bossman773 November 02, 2009

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