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PSG is an acronym for 'Penis Showing Game.' This is a game with the derivation from the movie Waiting. Luis Guzman walks us through the different variations of the Penis Showing Game in the movie. Any group of self-loving potty-humored males loves playing this game. The different variations are as follows:

1. The Log - This position is simply just pulling down your pants with your junk hanging down waiting for your friend to come in. For this position, you get to kick him in the ass one time for being a faggot.

2. The Brain - Grab your nuts and make a fist with it, scrunched up so it resembles a brain. If your buddy sees this one, that's worth two kicks to the ass.
3. The Batwing - This position is a little more complex. Pull your ballsack out of your pants and flatten it out and stretch it out so it is flat like paper. The victim that sees this receives three kicks to the ass.
4. The Goat - This position in my opinion is the best of all time (and should be implemented by anyone when they get the chance) For this position, you need to stand the opposite direction, pull your pants down, tuck your ballsack and penis between your ass cheeks, and bend over. Your poor buddy that falls victim to this position gets 5 kicks in the ass for being a faggot.
***Raddimus (Guzman) assures us that the PSG is more than just these four positions. If you have some down Time, play with your balls and see what you come up with.
I bent over and gave the goat from the PSG to my buddy as he was coming out of the bathroom. John got it on video. It was epic.
by bossassbitch1995 November 20, 2015

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When you and one of your buddies both bend down and get in position with the goat out (dick and balls between legs) waiting for a third party to come into the room. See the goat
Matt and I just double goated Tyler. It was epic. That's worth 8 kicks to the ass.
by bossassbitch1995 March 07, 2016

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when you tuck your balls and your dick between your legs and bend over as a form of a prank to show your friends
I bent over and gave the goat to my buddy Grant when he came through the apartment door.
by bossassbitch1995 June 13, 2015

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