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A meat bar that you can wrap up in ribbons and slip in your sock. But don't take it out in public or they will stick you in the dock, and you won't come back.
I took my meat bar (penis) out in the park. Now I'm writing this definition and example from prison.
by Bossa Nova January 24, 2015
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Someone who invents retarded words for Urban Dictionary and writes moronic definitions for them.
— Look! The guy who added this retarded word and wrote this moronic definition thinks he is a genius philologist!
— Jesus! If he knew that he in reality is nothing more than an urbdictiomoron...
by Bossa Nova January 21, 2015
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when exclaiming disgust at something or someone. also used when the word grimmers feels inappropriate
Hannah's interest in anal hair was grim de lim.
by bossa nova June 23, 2006
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