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Discovered by Dr. Steve Forrest in 2011 while observing a film on human sexual intercourse. A cloner occurs during arousal, when the clitoris of a woman fills with blood causing it to become erect and protrude outward from the vagina.

This often resembles the male "boner" which happens during male arousal when blood fills the shaft of the penis causing it to become hard and stick up in an erect state.
A "cloner" gets its name from combining "clit" which is short for "clitoris"(the piece of skin in a female vagina that contains a tremendous amount of nerve endings that cause great pleasure when stimulated) and "boner" referring to an erect male penis.

A "cloner" will pulsate and become increasingly lubricated from vaginal fluid released during sexual arousal.
Some females have very large "cloners" while others may not have a very noticeable one at all. Sizes range from under an inch to 3" or more.
"I was about to hookup with this girl last night, but right as I was about to go down on her, right where her clit was there was a little nub sticking up!?"
"Dude, your girl has a cloner! Its when her clit gets all hard like a dick! Good thing you didn't eat her out!"
"Yea...about that..."
by boredkid420 October 06, 2011

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A joint rolled entirely of kief. Also known as a KJ or K-Joint.
"Yo man lets go smoke this Kief J I just rolled!"
"Ok, Im gonna get ripped as fuck of that kief!"
by boredkid420 October 06, 2011

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A boring little town in Minnesota with a bunch of stupid kids and way too many pigs. There is absolutely nothing to do in this town but smoke weed. Nothing really goes on in Mound except smoking, cruising, drinking, doing drugs, and sitting around. The school is small and a straight shithole. There are a few cool people in Mound, but most of them are burnouts, or stuck up cunts. Also there are only about 10 hot girls in mound, the rest busts. When fun stuff rarely happens, cops usually show up and ruin the fun and the cops are the most worthless, power tripping pigs ever.
"Hey dude wanna go to mound?"
"Nahh, that place is boring as fuck!"
by boredkid420 October 06, 2011

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