1 definition by bombshell2007

Tiffany- To be very accomplished, classy, sexy, intelligent, loyal, good in bed, and desired. Tiffanys are so great they make normal beings jealous. Normal beings wish they could be as good as a Tiffany, but no matter how hard they try they can't this is why normal beings try to drag the Tiffanys down. Tiffanys are the bomb and always will be and anyone who has a Tiffany as a friend or girlfriend is an awesome person also because Tiffanys are only friends with people on their level.
Sexy Guy: "Hey guys look at that sexy woman getting into that Mercedes. Man I need a woman like that."

Sexy Guy's Friend: " Man, that has to be a Tiffany. Only Tiffanys are the bombs like that."
by bombshell2007 March 6, 2013