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The combined sound of a three-piece band. Derived from the "boing" of the guitar, the "bong" of the bass guitar, and the "gong" of the cymbals.
Suddenly, the lights went up, and the crowd went silent. In the next instant, Cloudkill released the most amazing boingongabong known to mankind.
by bmwoody May 20, 2005
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Abbreviation for Performing Arts Center, a pretentious euphemism for an auditorium. Used mainly by elitist administrators who know little or nothing about the intricate workings of any type of performing arts.
Administrator: And here, we have the PAC, our main facility for, uh... Performing arts.
Citizen: Oh, and what production is the department currently working on?
Administrator: Production? Um... Oh, and over here we have the commons area.
Citizen: It's a CAFETERIA, you pretentious bastard!
by bmwoody October 25, 2005
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