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It's not a band, it's one man. He is a singer and an actor. He played Bob in Fight Club. Yes, Bob with bitch tits. Before the bitch tits, he released some amazing records and even played a role in Rocky Horror Picture Show. Although a lot of the songs have silly lyrics and sound a little over-produced, no critic can deny that Meat Loaf has an amazing voice. It is a strong, agile, recognizable, and robust voice, made to rock. His music career has been a roller coaster that is affected by whichever producer/songwriter he works with, but his talent is something that has remained constant. Rock on, meat loaf, rock on.
Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere.
by bluwater October 15, 2004

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1. noun. A long piece of webbing, hanging loosely between two solid objects but not touching the ground. Used to walk upon while attempting to maintain balance for entertainment, usually drunk, usually by climbers. Advanced slackliners are able to: reverse direction, stay on indefinitely, jump, juggle, swing to and fro.

2. verb. To play on the slack line.
Those hosers think they're setting up a slack line, but it's more like a tightrope.

Dude, you gotta have at least another beer before you stop falling off the slack line.
by bluwater September 26, 2004

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