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The network is satanic. It's a group, pyramid system, with many varying layers of wealth - and poverty, on the lower rungs - including police, the intelligence agencies (ALL OF THEM), doctors, executives, actresses, waitresses, you name it - even the guy running the gas station. It's large and controls all aspects of our world. What is known as gang stalking is really just what is honestly known as "aggressive surveillance" by network members. The way to deal with gang stalking is to bless your enemies, with all the love, kindness, and empathy you can command. For those on the dark side, these higher frequencies are like hot coals on their head...
The explanations she was giving me in her attempts to explain away my claims of gang stalking were so far-fetched that she seemed to have lost touch with reason. I suspected fear was the culprit and I empathized with her. Nobody wish that to be true, especially if it touches a loved one...
by bluewords_ July 07, 2009

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