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An attitude of superiority, expressed through detailed knowledge of independent music and film, as well as the donning of ironic thrift store clothing and lengthy, eye-hiding bangs.

Can also refer to any item used to express the fact that one is indier than others.

Used in this manner by a disgruntled Starbucks employee in an email to the blog Gawker:
"Go hate on the schmucks at Cake Shop or Bowery Poetry Club or something. Their coffee's not that much better, their employees don't have health coverage, their bathrooms aren't any cleaner, and your chances of being snobbed off by some kid with an indier-than-thou haircut are exponentially greater."
by bluestocking February 29, 2008

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A young woman whose appearance of artless innocence hides a biting insincerity.
The disingenue projected incompetence and bewilderment at the menial tasks of her internship, but only because she felt they were beneath her.
by bluestocking February 25, 2008

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