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1) A town in suburban Boston that is supposedly one of the richest in the country. On any given day walking down Central Street you'll come across 50 newly-wed 20-30 something blonde housewives with a stroller or a kid in her arms, doing the daily round in Talbots after parking her BWM in a sea of other BMWs while her husband is out working in Boston as a portfolio manager in some investment management firm.

2) An all-women's college in the aforementioned town that is populated by many talented and friendly people but under the guidance of a staff adamant about the benefits of a single-sex education. The least "lesbianized" college out the Seven Sisters (Smith, Bryn Mawr, etc.) Well-known for its fuck truck and for providing a constant source of wives for the preppy men in Harvard and the nerdy men in MIT since its inception. Not to be confused with Wesleyan.
1) You can't get any liquor in Wellesley except in like 3 restaurants.

2) MIT Frat Guy: Sorry this party is for 21 and over only.
Wellesley Girl: I'm from Wellesley.
MIT Frat Guy: Common in.
by blue zephyr February 15, 2005

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