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Ass backwards. The state doing (or having done) something the wrong way.
No no dude, you've got the cables plugged in all bass ackwards.
by Blossom August 11, 2005

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coolest kid in teh world!!!!!!!!! i love her!! so does everyone.....even seniors!!! shes the shit!! i love you!!!
coolest girl!!
by blossom July 13, 2003

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Adjective: used to describe people, things or actions that are not authentic.
1) Don't hug me if you're going to give me california hugs.

2) Yuck. This fat-free chicken tikka masala served on a bed of iceberg lettuce is so california-Indian.

3) Heh, don't you just love her new california nose?
by Blossom August 11, 2005

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