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A huge torpedo shit blowing out your back end that peels the paint off your walls and wakes your neighbors when it all of a sudden creeps up in the middle of the night screaming to be released!
Dude i took this huge Veloci Shit yesterday and remodled my bathroom at the same time!!
by BlakeAteYourCat July 19, 2010

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When a person is texting or e-mailing you and they seem to misspell every other word that they have typed
I was trying to text my cousin today but i could understand her text lisp so i just gave up
by BlakeAteYourCat April 04, 2011

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Its when you chill your balls with something really cold and have someone start sucking on them and then they spit it out into a shot glass mix with vodka then shove it up there pussy and have someone(or you) drink it while there squirting it out.
Hot Chick: Want some Christmas Eggnog?
You: Y?
Hot Chick: becuz i didnt finish mine
by BlakeAteYourCat December 19, 2010

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