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A conflict between Britain and the US. Ended up in the destruction of a large British Army, American and British cities being overrun, and the fighting of the Royal Navy and States to a standstill. In the end the US recovered its land, gained decisive control over much of the Great Lakes, and even made some territorial gains not to mention that the natives were no longer in a position to threaten the country anymore.

Amusingly, some people consider this a canadian victory, even though there technically wasn't a Canada at this time, and they cannot point to any evidence of a 'victory' other than the filthy yanks did go ahead and conquer any more land than they had taken already. If this is what some canadians consider a victory, I'd hate to see a canadian defeat. Of course that would require canada to actually get an army.
yeah the British stopped pressganging sailors. So what? The news arrived after war was declared...

Many brave Americans and British fought in the War of 1812...
by blaher February 13, 2006

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