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a. An almost completely white, rich suburb of Chicago in which everyone either breathes Abercrombie or considers themselves "emo" (because we all know how depressing it is to be rich)

b. The easiest place in America to get drugs at a young age.

c. Home to Maine South High School, where EVERYONE does drugs, yet somehow they all go to like Harvard.

d. The only suburb where it's common for teenagers to OD and die.

e. Known for being the place where Hilary Clinton grew up.
a. John: I live in Park Ridge!
Jane: You mean Lily White Ridge?
John: Huh?
Jane: That's what it's called because there are ONLY white people!
John: Yea and they're all emo!
Jane: I understand.. I would HATE to be uppermiddle class... god, i feel so bad for you!

b. John: I've been doing pot since I was a baby!
Jane: How?
John: Like I said.. I like in PARK RIDGE!!

c. Jane: You do drugs? Lemme guess.. you must go to Maine South.
John: Yea and I just got accepted into Princeton!

d. John: Did you hear? Bob OD'd last night on heroin!
Jane: Figures.

e. Jane: Oh Lord, you're Hilary Clinton's neighbor?! I'm so sorry!
by blackeyeliner411 July 04, 2006
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