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When you've been walking around to much and the crack of your ass gets chafed.
God, we've been walking around all day. I've got massive party butt. That sucks.
by bkjones98 June 14, 2006
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Derived from the New York City locution, "Bridge and Tunnel Crowd" (“B&TC”) is often used in Houston to refer to the mass of typically young people who live in the outskirts and trek into town to enjoy the food and nightlife. They are distinguishable because they usually "enjoy" the same expensive restaurants that have bad food and pretentious nightclubs. In paticular, these restaurants used to be hot-spots for the city dwellers, but were quickly found to be below par. See, e.g. Milagro. Additionally, the B&TC generally flock to the same popular nightclubs representing that they are big-shots, when in fact, they have peon jobs out in the sticks. See, e.g. The Red Door; See also Credit Card Millionaires.
Used in a sentence:
-"I don't know why that place is so crowded; I thought the food sucked."
-"It must be the bridge and tunnel crowd."
by bkjones98 July 14, 2005
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