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A part of somebody's personality that doesn't seem so bad at first but gets worse and worse until the only way you'd tolerate it is if you have a fetish for it
Juan: Have you noticed that Alejandro always manages to leave poop marks in the toilet bowl?
Sofia: Yeah, it's a toxic trait of his.
Juan: Like it didn't really care at first but it's starting to really tick me off. I'm so tired of having to wipe off his shit I think I'm gonna move out.
Sofia: Well I have a Reverse Kanga fetish, so......
by bitcoin potato March 29, 2020
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When you buy something on the gray market whose expense implies that it was stolen or illicitly acquired, but decide to not make that assumption
I just bought a $500 restaurant gift card to a fancy steakhouse for $20 in Bitcoin I made from Genesis Mining using promo code 032WbQ. The guy I bought it from was super creepy, and from Nigeria despite the fact that 100% of the steakhouses I can use the gift card at are in America. Oh well, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt!
by bitcoin potato August 24, 2017
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