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You can put anyone under this name if they:

1) are total assholes.

2) are immune to other peoples feelings
3) try to be cool but they're really not
4) goes with the crowd and is never EVER individualistic
5) date someone right after dumping their girlfriend
6) never talk to you in person, only through texts
7) never go out of their way to talk to you or see you
8) dump their girlfriend through a text message
9) are "into drugs" because it's the cool thing to do
10) will do anything to be popular
11) are really short
12) relate to the saying "talk is cheap"
13) are really stupid
Ashley: "That short kid over there keeps talking about how pot heads are so cool, only he doesn't smoke..."
Emily: "His name must be Billy"

Jeremy: "hahahaha I'm so drunk!"
Natalie: "Me too!"
Jacob: "haven't we all been there?"
Everyone: "hahahhaha"
Billy: *I've never been drunk but i'm going to act like it because i'm so cool* "hahahhahahaha"

Rebecca: "I'm so glad I'm not Billy he's such a loser"
by billysucks August 12, 2010
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