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thanks for the add
hey, i remember you from the third grade! thx4+
by billyfrolic November 18, 2009

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to meditate
I'd love to go to the party tonight, but I've been really stressed lately. I need to get centered. I think I'm just gonna stay in and fuck with the Dali Lama.
by billyfrolic August 21, 2009

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To "flinch on the drama" is to get so caught up in dramatic minutiae as to miss the big picture and blow the deal!
I've been practicing my lines for months, but I have this terrible fear I'm going to get up on stage and flinch on the drama.

- OR -

When Dr. Campbell realized Nurse Smith had been cheating on him with the intern, he completely flinched on the drama, letting the patient die in his hands.
by billyfrolic August 21, 2009

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