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The greatest rapper of all time. He's not really a rapper, he's more of Rockstar. Rapper is just boring. Man these boys didn't believe him, They thought he believed in the devil like Ouija. He does not care if you cry, and on the real bro, you should have never lied. All his friends are dead and he short as fuck. They laugh at him because he is emo, he killed his girlfriend that's why he is single. He also has this really cool dance that no one knows how to do and he is probably 100% that nigga. Niggas sleep on him, but that is just because they are broke, old, ugly and hate rock music.
nigga 1: Ayo bro turn on that new Lil Uzi Vert
Nigga 2: Aight bro!
Nigga 3: BrUh LiL uZi trASh I hATe hIM aNd i OnLy liKE ReAl rAP AnD nOt ROck mUsIc
Nigga 1: Im not sure if i should kill him or kill myself
Nigga 2: Do Both
by biguzihorizontal October 19, 2020
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some guy who thinks hes a popular rapper but his music is trash. His music is so bad that when you squeeze a poop sock it is equivalent. He uses the worst type beat producers and he mumbles. He has no flow and all his songs are the same. He got dreads even though the not even black and they are dyed any either light blue or any other neon color. He is also so dumb that he gets such bad grades in every subject but he says he will make money off rapping. No body would sign this nigga.
by biguzihorizontal May 06, 2020
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