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probably a o.k guy. but has as much chance of being elected president as i do.
your voting for ron paul? go ahead, throw your vote away.
by biffStu February 11, 2008

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to go out with the intention of picking up fat girls. mainly because they are easy.
well guys, it's gettin late in the game, guess it's time to go hoggin
by biffstu April 13, 2009

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typically a third world country. many of which have extreme poverty,high crime rates, and a very corrupt government and justice system. most, but not all of which contain indigenous species of monkeys and apes, hence, the name monkey country. but can be associated with any poor corrupt rogue nations.
somalia,sierra leone,nigeria,bolivia, el salvador and afghanastan are just a few examples of a monkey country.
by biffstu March 12, 2009

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