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sex between two bisexual persons. The same as gay sex, however one or both of the people involved has some degree of liking for both genders
"Jake, this may surprise you bro, but I'm bi."
"Well Johnny I am surprised..."
"It's cool though?"
"Yeah dude. In fact, so am I"
"Really?!? thats great, cause I actually really like you, as more than just a friend"
"Wanna make ou or something? I've never tried it with another boy before but I've always wanted to!"
"Sure! I'd love too!"
The two friends now turn off COD and begin to kiss and grope each other.

"Your so hot! damn bro"
"Shit man u know how to turn me on!"
(this continues for about half an hour)
"wow dude. I want you, right now."
"Im willing to try, at least"
"yeah. no pressure."
Johnny leads Jake to his room and they begin to take off each others clothes.

After a night of passionate sex and experimentation, they wake up together.
"I knew I wanted to try it, but I never knew I'd enjoy bi sex so much!"
"Me neither man"
"We should do this again sometime"
"It's certainly one way to let off steam after lax practice haha"
by bibrolaxer January 02, 2012
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