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let me start off by saying this regards to Seal Beach, as well as Los Alamitos. Los Alamitos california is a redneck town where basically nobody is rich, and if youre not a christian then youre going to hell. Everyone is either a Brohoe, Scene, or a Jock. nobody has anything to do other than stoop away their day's by texting in class, and going on myspace until 2 in the morning, even on school nights. What people dont know, or wont admit to is that there parents either BOUGHT their house back in the 80's, or INHERITED their house, and now have enough money to redo it! oh, and half of the kids that go to los al seriously live in the cheap apartment/townhouse buildings (explains it all.) The parents completely live bicuriously through their kids "to get some of their youth back." they drive them to toilet paper their friends and/or enemies houses every weekend, not realizing that the parents are the ones who have to clean it up in the morning. For some strange reason, everyone thinks and tries to make everyday seem like its an Mtv reality show, but it isn't. people have even said "first it was Laguna, then Newport, and next Seal!" but come on, what will this one be about? a brown watered beach with a lot of old people and a ridiculously oversized church on Katella which could be a huge shopping center like The Block at Orange or the Irvine Spectrum, so thanks jesus freaks of the cottonwood church!. They just built a worthless shopping center which is obviously directed at old people from leisure world, or rich people. But nobody who lives in Los Al/Seal Beach is rich... It is all womans shopping stores, Stats (ridiculous, who would pay $180 for a gnome?!), a wine store, a massage place, and a California Pizza Kitchen. All expensive, all for old people, all crap. Not to forget, in this same very center, there used to be a Movie Theatre and a Bowling Alley. Just recently on every sidewalk, they put in orange things for blind and/or handicapped people. You think they would have done this years ago? Oh wait, they probably didn't have enough money because they spent the whole budget on sports for the last 50 years. Onto that subject, if you don't play a sport in Los Alamitos, then you are not accepted. EVERY SINGLE PHYSICAL EDUCATION TEACHER IS FAT, BUT THEN EXPECT YOU TO RUN A MILE IN 6 MINUTES OR LESS. They got in trouble for letting the kids play dodge ball, so they simply changed the name to nation ball, but their is really no difference.. Last year they added on a few buildings to the High School, when in reality they should have redone the campus in general. ITS FILTHY FOR THE PRICE THAT NEW HOME BUYERS PAY FOR THEIR HOUSES. Oh, and SO TYPICAL LOS AL, the building is THE OFFICE, a computer lab, and languages. Teachers come first here, which makes no sense, but OKAY! Hmmm, I think that sums up Los Alamitos/Seal Beach.
"Should I move to Los Alamitos? I hear people are loaded there!" "Hell no, everyones rednecks and pretend to be rich!"
by betchtetz mcgee May 20, 2008
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