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1. When a waffle is just that awesome.

2. A slang "leet" term used when you want to add intensity to any comment you have made, similar to adding 1's at the end of a string of exclamation points to add emphasis.

3. Oh My God Rolling On the Floor Laughing What A Fucking Loser
Dude, omgroflwafl, what the fuck just happened?

Last night I had a waffle and it was really good and I was like omgroflwafl.

Susan laughed at Bob for being a total loser, and if this took place online, she could type "omgroflwafl" to attain the same effect.
by beardedavenger February 18, 2010
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1. Wishing death upon someone in a violent and destructive manner.

2. Death by the method of having a sickle forcibly inserted into the anus, and subsequent resulting blood loss and shock.
I hate that guy Bob, I hope he gets reaper-raped.

Reaper-rape is a method of describing such a death as "being killed by the Giant Dick in the Sky."
by beardedavenger February 18, 2010
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