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The safety net of having your bros out with you at a club, bar, or youth group meeting. A male receives Brocial Security benefits when he has a clutch wingman, is backed up by a friend in a verbal or physical altercation, or when another male friend buys you an alcoholic beverage because you are broke.

Providing for the security of elderly bros by paying your payroll taxes faithfully and voting Democrat to support Social Security. We are our Bro's and sisters' keepers.
After that guy swung at me, I was glad I had my Brocial Security.

Hey, I hooked up with that girl from the bar last night, the Brocial Security you gave me finally got her away from her friends.

This girl wants me to buy her a drink, but I am out of cash, can you give me some Brocial Security so I can get her something?
by beachesbeersbitchesbongs December 03, 2009

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When one brings a member of the opposite sex to their place of residence with the intention of nuanced, in depth conversation, followed by a cuddle heavy period in which the guest spends the night. Moderate making out is permitted, but if behavior exceeds this, it is no longer a speak over.
Do you want to speak over tonight?, I know I am pretty religious, but c'mon, it was just a speak over.
by beachesbeersbitchesbongs December 03, 2009

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