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The concept of 'churnover' is an amalgamation of two often-confused (and now synergised!) terms:

1. Turnover: denoting a high rate of (possibly good quality) goods/people within a cyclical process within a period of time.

2. Churn-out: denoting the provision of 'functional' outputs of dubious quality in a methodical, banal manner (see Price Waterhouse Cooper, most think tanks)

Churnover therefore denotes a high rate of banal outputs of bad - or no - quality at all.

Churnover can therefore be applied retrospectively to most the things that have occurred over the lat 30 years.
'Wow, we really are seeing a churnover of undergraduate degrees these days'

'Wow, the third world is sure experiencing a churnover of births'
by bbanter March 17, 2010
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Downloading refers to:
a) the processing of information. 'To download' means to have comprehended, to have captured, to have 'got' something. The term can only be used with only to animate subjects.

b) the passing on of information. 'To download' also means to get it all out of your system.
'I have downloaded your meaning and think you should leave'
'I don't download'
'Got a problem? Download, bro'
by bbanter March 18, 2010
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