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A Rusty Roof, Damp Cellar refers to a girl with red hair.

If a house has a rusty roof, it is common for the cellar to be wet or damp. In extreme cases the cellar can be flooded, or if the damp course has been affected, Mildew can be found. Hence, if a girl has a head of red hair, it is assumed that her genitalia will be marginally moist at the least.

To summarise, the following phrases mean that someone has seen a girl / woman (usually that they find attractive)

Rusty roof, damp cellar,

Rusty roof, flooded cellar,

Rusty roof, mildew cellar.

damp - attractive
flooded - stunning
mildew - just a stone cold hottie.
Hey John, you see that girl over there?

yeah? the cute one with the rusty roof, damp cellar?

uh-huh, i reckon mildew cellar for sure, the damp course is totally shagged - thats got my name written all over it!
by bashatonic August 20, 2012

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The member of the group who seems to be able to probe the worldwide web into its dark, ethereal corners dredging up the most awful images and videos. These snippets of media are usually so offensive or crude that the content may be illegal in various places around the globe, therefore making a 'banter outlaw'.

For example:
Theodore: Hey Jon!

Jon: Yeah?

Theodore: did you see that Rico posted tubgirl onto whatsapp again last night?

Jon: yeah, i had to scorch my eyes out with an acetylene torch, it was so fucking gnarly!

Theodore: he is a massive banter outlaw, he should probably get locked up for that...
by bashatonic March 19, 2014

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An attractive woman.

Other variations include:

pla walla walla

pli how pli how
Hey John! Look at that pla dunga dunga over there!

Oh yeah, a real life pla dunga dunga, no wizzardry or smoke and mirrors there!
by bashatonic September 26, 2012

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A bantercheque is one persons recognition of anothers sucess. It can be anything from something as innocent as buying a DVD you wanted, or sleeping with the girl youve been buttering up for ages!!
"Hey John"


"you know that girl with the rusty roof i like?"

"yeah, the one with the damp cellar?"

"yeah, her - i finally boned her last night!"

by bashatonic August 20, 2012

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