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American based rapper who went by the names of BRAIN APEX, Krook Face, and Yung Gawd. Known to be one of the greatest and rawest artist alive. Quit using those names because he was on the rise to stardom, but wasn't ready of any of it. People would make fun of him on how he looks and would call him a disgusting species of nature.

SWAMP came back with a clear mind. Since then he has been a very notable member of the underground and has recently started to climb up the popularity ladder. Masterful lyric freestyles made him an original and fresh rapper in the game today. SWAMP such an interesting and unforgettable fellow.
Yo broski did you hear bout SWAMPMAHN??? He's so based.

Before you listen to SWAMPMAHN music, check out this previous music.
by basedtillgrave47 February 11, 2019
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