Rapper from America that use go by the name BRAIN APEX.
Damn Krook Face is super based!
by Mddk9393 January 09, 2019
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Krooked face.

An engaged beast whose face is extremely asymmetrical. THis creature can mainly be found with Hatey Magee, living under a Bridge in Sardis. Krooked Face is highly susceptible to miak, which will cause serious melting and Meowing. she is highly intelligent often using words she herself doesnt understand. Such words include Hypocrite,ventriloquist, and Gizmo.

During the Mating process the Krooked Face will mumble incohernitly and scrunch up her face to appear much older than it is to attract Hatey Magee or more scientifically name GIL-Scott HATIN. Attracted to her calls Hatey pulls out its member and inserts it into her vagina which strongly resembles week old roast beef by appearence and smell. Often times it looks upset or uncomfortable but this is her usual face. Unfortunantly the mating process becomes meaningless because of the fact the Krooked Face is the only creature in the planet earth to get pregnant and for reasons unknown her body always rejects the offspring.It is said the only way to succesfully mate with one is to let her lay her eggs and leave the room so the male can fertilize them.

Krooked Face rarely comes out during the day this is to protect herself from her face from melting any further.

Fun FAct: Krooked Face was the true insperation for Fright Feast.
by Deadbeat May 18, 2009
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