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verb- The scientific term used to describe someone who has literally defecated their pants whilst trying to fart, or just plain messed up. Latin Origin:Doninus Poot-te, which meant "the bad soil upon the land".
see also. "Done and Peeuted" and "Howdy Deuootee".
Who done up and pooted?
Adam Shalom done up and sh*tted.
or the extreme
Hitler stated in his book Mein Kampf that he done and peeuted upon himself in the 40's.
by Barron Von Poot May 06, 2005
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noun.smells worse than that doodie. At least 5 times worse.
origins: Shreveport, Lousiana(that dirrty dirrty). Prenounciation:DEE-YOU-DEE
ie. "That's that deuoodie!" (remember to stretch out the "u" sound.
by barron von poot May 04, 2005
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