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A bunch of midgets secluded from the outside world, trying their hardest to make contact to us, via the telephone. Their sole purpose in life is to break down the difference barriers between us and them.
The crank yankers contacted me yesterday, but I chose not to listen.
by barcode23 October 15, 2003

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Anal sex. For a male to penitrate his penis into someone else's anus. Usually a derogatory word used to describe homosexual(male with male)sex.
I bet those two guys are going to shitpack each other tonight!
by Barcode23 October 16, 2003

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A person(usually female, or better yet a black female)who chooses a love interest solely based upon how much money they have.
She's a digga man, all she's after is yo wallet foo!
by barcode23 October 15, 2003

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