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A Dirtrocker is a person, boy or girl, who lives in a small town, rural country or mountanious region. Daily activities include but are not limited to hunting, camping, fishing, and beers at the hunting club. Dirtrocker transportation of choice is a 4x4 truck or any vehicle with parts from more than 3 other vehicles. The term Dirtrocker is similar to redneck, hillbilly trailor trash or cracker.
Most people in town like to keep a low profile, but not THAT dirtrocker. Look at her hanging her head out the window of her 4x4 whoopin it up! Must be she just left the hunting club and is heading back to the duck blind.
by barbieisawelder October 28, 2009
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something that you were previously unable to do
he ustacouldn't be able to catch butterflies now he could.
by barbieisawelder August 25, 2009
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