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In Soviet prisons there was a class of men called opushchennye (degraded) who were required to fulfill the sexual needs of the rest. On the one hand, they were at the lowest rung of the social ladder, but they were sometimes protected by their lovers. And not only men charged with Article 121 were opushchennye: any prisoner could be degraded by ritualized rape - for losing at cards, over an insult, or even because his beauty made him an attractive sex object.
Both were counted to the opushchennye, one because of his looks, the other by his lack of respect.
by barbama September 07, 2009

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Anonymity by using pseudonyms in social networking media. A means for users to express their less than savory opinions and traits (e.g. trolling) without hearing about it from their mum or colleagues afterwards.
grrrl_93 = fun-lovin' pseudonymous
well_hung = poor ignoramus

"grrrl_93: Want to see a vid I made? It's a bit risqué.
well_hung: oooh yessss!
grrrl_93: Okay, look here: (links to Xtube)
well_hung: WAAAAAAH!
grrrl_93: Meet up?
well_hung: DUDE!
...well_hung has logged off"

grrrl_93/well_hung: 1/0 - win by pseudonymity.
by barbama October 05, 2011

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