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The most amazing guy you'll meet. The guy you want when you need somebody to talk to. Athletic, Nice, and sexy the type of guy you will fuck on the first date.
Yo is that the new Dinesh Kid ?? Damn he is beautiful.
by BANGBANG January 13, 2013
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MTV, which stands for "Music Television", is pretty much the worst channel possible to look for good music. in fact, they dont even play music at all, and they have the most ridiculous reality shows. this station takes good bands and turns them into the most pop-iest, mainstream crap you'll ever hear. they need to be shut down....forever.
fall out boy was good before they went on MTV.
by bangbang March 28, 2006
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lawangin khanz a perverted person who watches nothing but porno adn talks about porno all day who loves dro
lawangin talked to eli one day about him trying to breathe through straws while under water
by bangbang January 10, 2006
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