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Nasty little assholes that are everywhere. they never fucking die, until you smash the damn thing eighty times. and then their antenna thingers still move around you finally just get pissed off enough to get a napkin, pick it up and flush it down the toilet.

and they also make you squirm/scream like a mother fucker.

and i think you all know why they're nicknamed COCKroaches.
Angela:-walks into the bathroom; looks on the floor- AHHH, HOLY SHIT A COCKROACH! -jumps on the counter and chucks everything at it and it still doesn't die- GOD DAMMIT. SOMEONE HELP ME!!!

Marissa walks in the bathroom and sees the cockroach.

Marissa: "OH MY GOD, EW!" -smashes it with her shoe several times. " IT WON'T DIE!" -continues to smash it-

by bananafanna July 19, 2010

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