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a layer of fat that is below the waistline and covers the genitals of females... this "tank dog" is only found on very large and obese women
holy shit dude did you see the tank dog on that bitch
by ballams January 24, 2008
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The opposite of a wingman, he is there to stop you from getting laid. He is usually employeed before going out drinking, when you have a wife or girlfriend that you are tyring not to cheat on... AKA O-Dub
Me: "Hey dude i think im going to talk to that whore over there with the fuck me boots on."
O-Dub: "As your opposite wingman i would strongly advise against that "
by ballams January 13, 2011
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style of fighting only used when the sun is down. very similar to tae kwon do, but usually with alcohol involved.
russ was laughing at randalls shirt so randall used his
expert skills in ny kwon do and kicked his ass.
by ballams February 02, 2008
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