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Actually Drum Hero, but with Guitar Hero and Karaoke Revolution added for free.
Harmonix CEO: So how's Drum Hero going?

Harmonix Employee: pretty good, I think this game will be an amazing successor to our Guitar Hero

Harmonix CEO: But who will play a game with just drums? Lets throw in a couple of our guitars, Karaoke Revolution, call it Rock Band, and have it ready for me by Christmas.

*lights cigar with $100 bill and jumps into private jet*
by badboys213 November 18, 2007

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Not to be confused with south jerz
guy 1: man, that new jerz, talk about crazy smells, italian mobsters and new york giants, man!
guy 2 from South jerz: yea, no. wrong.
by badboys213 March 17, 2008

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