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A person on the internet who refuses to make a connection or become friends with another individual based purely on the fact that there is too much geographic distance between the two.
"Eric is such a Distance Snob. He won't be friends with anyone who isn't within ten miles of his house!"

"Can you believe what a Distance Snob she is? If you aren't located in her city she deletes your friendship!"

"I used to be a Distance Snob. But that was before I realized there were cool people who lived more than a half hour away from me."
by babysue.com October 17, 2011

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Collectible items and antiquities related to the evolution of Feminism.
"Irene is really into cuntabilia now."

"My sister's cuntabilia collection is truly amazing."

"The cuntabilia craze is really heating up this year."
by babysue.com August 05, 2007

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