2 definitions by babeee16

A diamond in the rough. the best there is. wont find anyone like Ariana. (she shines)

blunt and honest. her truths can break your heart, but she is real. (can be mistaken for "bitch" or "stuck-up")

talented and intelligent. courageous and respectable.

walking beauty no eyes can miss. Doesn't go a day without getting a compliment. and gives them when she really means it

has great taste from food to clothes to guys. is classy and just likable in every way.

unnoticeable flaws, weaknesses, insecurities, mistakes

hypnotizing, exotic, no one compares
some guy: ariana, you have really pretty eyes!

ariana: thanks, you don't :)
some guy: just gotta admire the tough love...it's what makes you so attractive!
by babeee16 October 25, 2011
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a badass. knows what he wants, but has no motivation. creative mind and gets the hook-ups, but too broke to fully achieve goals. a dreamer. knows awesome music and has great hair. makes skinny jeans, leather jackets, and animal prints work without looking homo. chicks digg him, homies want him at every event, is the type of guy that's missed. can pick and choose the crowd he wants to hang with because he's fun to be around and is liked by different peoples. not racist, but can't stand certain types...not cool with posers or people who try too hard to be cool. way funny naturally. is different in a totally awesome way. goes by moncho which is the only cool nickname for ramon
girl #1: haha omg, your friend is so funny! *thinking cute too but doesn't say it because girl#2 already did
what's his name?

girl #2: Ramon, but he goes by moncho!
by babeee16 October 25, 2011
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