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Someone who thinks they are different, but in reality are just a lazy ass with low self esteem and they say depressing things because that is hipster. They think they are better than you, they blame society for everything, can't deal with their problems, wear ugly and unflattering haircuts and clothes, take pictures of stupid things and say stupid quotes, and think they are smart, when in fact they are annoying dumbasses with no life.
Hipster: *takes photo of box* "no one understands me. I can't last much longer. these feelings are eating me away. I want to die. #pain #unloved #societyiscruel #imnotokay
Normal person:" Dude no one cares like just get help or something."
Hipster: "I just have to stay strong. No one can help me ."

Hipster: "Hipster pleeze!"
by awesome73508 May 22, 2013

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Something all though quite delicious, bloggers have a strange obsession with.
Blogger: "I could really use some nuggets."
by Awesome73508 May 22, 2013

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