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Pronounced: "eeequivalent."

An e-quivalent is the online version of a thing or situation in the real world. Often used to compare novel things on the Internet to familiar things in the real world.
The e-quivalent to shouting is TYPING IN ALL CAPS.

"All this girl's facebook photos are of her kissing her boyfriend."
"So annoying. That's totally the e-quivalent to making out in public."
by autonomy April 05, 2010

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The hesitation or outright fear of adding applications to your facebook account. Can also be extended to mobile platforms, in which apps are all the rage. Appaphobia may be a result of extreme elitism among their peers, as appaphobes do not want their peers to to see their top 10 valentines for 2010, or what their favourite colour says about them.

It is common to see appaphobes judging friends based on the apps they install, as well as almost always voicing that they are "sick of all these stupid apps."

At present a cure for appaphobia is not available, nor is one expected in the near future.
"Boy, I really would like to find out how original my name is, but it would corrupt my entire facebook reputation!"
"Sounds like you've got an acute case of appaphobia."
"What are you, a psychiatrist?"

"Do you really need 5 fart apps on your iphone?"
"Do you really need to be such an appaphobe?"
by autonomy February 01, 2010

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